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Jacksonville Theological Seminary

Dr. Harold Vick
Dr. Fabienne M. Naomi
Dr. James Vick, II
Academic Dean

About Us

Jacksonville Theological Seminary was founded by Dr. Harold Vick in 1988. He served as president until he went home to be with the Lord in 2003. Beginning in 1989, Dr. Fabienne M. Naomi assisted Dr. Vick with the running of the seminary. Since Dr. Vick’s passing into Glory, Dr. Naomi has held the position of president.

Jacksonville Theological Seminary is committed to the purpose of training, educating and equipping believers for a lifetime of productive service to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Our courses are centered on the Bible, which we believe to be the Word of the living God. Our endeavor is to create a hunger for His word and proficiency in the declaration of the gospel through proper communicative skills.

International Board of Advisors

Dr. Lawrence Burkes Miami, Florida
Dr. Roger Clark Orlando, Florida
Dr. Jan Goodman, Sr. Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Erta C. Livingston, Jr. Woodbine, Georgia
Dr. Sylvester McIntosh Vero Beach, Florida
Dr. Eddie Mitchell Montgomery, Alabama
Dr. Albert Simpson, Jr. Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Terry Lee Stair, Sr. Milledgeville, Georgia
Dr. Ivory Swindle Memphis, Tennessee
Dr. John R. Vick Orange Park, Florida
Rev. Bryan Lamoureux St. Augustine, Florida


Dr. Fabienne M. Naomi President
Dr. James H. Vick II Academic Dean
Dr. Lee Brandt Proctor
Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy Academic Advisor
Dr. Erta C. Livingston, Jr. Hospital Chaplain Advisor
Dr. Terry Lee Stair Sr. Prison Chaplain Advisor
Dr. Lillie R. Swindle NCCA Clinical Advisor
Samuel C. Otto Online Systems Administrator
Shawn L. Vick Administrative Assistant

Jacksonville Theological Seminary

Our Facilitators

Dr. Lee Adams Dr. Sabrina K. Bailey Dr. Joe Mack Bankhead Chaplain Anneze Barthelemy
Dr. Ephraim Bassey Dr. Rosalyn Berry Dr. Kevin Betton, Sr. Dr. Lee Brandt
Dr. Dorothy Brown Dr. James G. Brown Dr. Pamela Brown Dr. Christine Bryant
Dr. Lawrence Burkes Dr. Ellery D. Cave, Sr. Dr. Idell Cheever Dr. Roger Clark
Dr. Chad D. Costantino Dr. Ruth Crichlow Dr. Robert Dotson Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
Dr. Ronald E. Drawdy Dr. James Dye Dr. Jack Fox Dr. Vernadette Fuller
Dr. Frederick Gelsey, Sr. Dr. M. Annette Gentry Dr. Avery B. Goss Pastor C. Anne Grant
Dr. R. L. Graves, Sr. Glennitta A. Green Estelle Harris Dr. Michael E. Harris, Sr.
Dr. Israel W. Hepburn, Jr. Dr. Laverne Johnson Dr. Carla B. Jones Dr. Queen B. Kyles
Bishops Steven & Michelle Lyston Dr. Susie Magwood-Thomas Dr. Angela McClinton Drs. Sylvester & Dorothy McIntosh
Dr. Verna Michel Dr. Christopher A. Moore Dr. Glenn Scott Mormon Drs. Oliver & Jacquie Myers
Dr. Paulette Olasoji Dr. Iris Page Dr. Brenda Palmer Dr. Ethel Parker
Dr. Cheryl Perry Dr. Dwayne C. Perry Dr. Janet E. Perry Dr. Larita Primrose
Dr. Gwendolyn Proctor Dr. Joseph A. Quist Dr. Greig Rietoff Dr. Julius Ringling
Dr. Winston M. Robinson Dr. Verdie Robinson-Curry Drs. Walter & Albertha Ross Drs. Norval & Joy Ruff
Dr. Hazel Seay Dr. Jaunita Shaw Dr. Richard Shaw Drs. Albert & Cynthia Simpson
Dr. Candice Smithyman Dr. Terry Lee Stair, Sr. Dr. Sweetie M. Stewart Dr. Lillie Swindle
Dr. Jay Threadgill Dr. Terri Tyler-Jones Dr. John Vick Apostle Michael Welsh
Dr. Emanuel Whipple, Sr. Drs. Darnell & David Whymns Dr. Esther B. Wooley

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